Amberstone Developments is a specialist residential development company focusing on the creation of bespoke middle to upper market housing developments in the Yorkshire region. Over the years, the company has developed an outstanding portfolio of individually designed and specified houses and apartments that are cherished by owners and appreciated by neighbours and the local community alike.

Amberstone prides itself on attention to detail, with careful thought and consideration going into every stage of the development process. Anyone who lives in, or visits, an Amberstone property will notice the character straight away: this is a home that has been meticulously planned and crafted.

And in a great location too, because Amberstone also focuses on securing prime sites in some of Yorkshire’s most sought after places to live, often with excellent schools and other local amenities nearby. 

Based in Leeds, the company works with a number of joint venture funding partners and enjoys close relationships with estate agents, surveyors and solicitors as well as architects, engineers and other consultants. Each member of the team shares the same ethos and commitment and brings exceptional skills and experience to the creation of every new development.

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